EduRes Consulting 

was ‘born in the field’ and out of a recognized need. The company idea came when we worked together in Saudi Arabia in the same education project.


Arja as the program leader and lecturer and Leena as the pedagogic expert and teaching assistant, we together carried out an evaluation of the Danish-Saudi transnational education project.

We learned that we had competences, which complemented each other. After moving back to Finland we entered transnational education business / education export.

Who are we?​

Arja Aro EduRes Consulting

Arja R. Aro

I bring to the company my experience and lessons learnt from my international academic career as professor, research and project leader, researcher, expert evaluator and working e.g. in an NGO and newspapers.


My contribution to EduRes Consulting is mostly in developing and carrying out research-based program evaluation, and more widely, in the capacity building, competence and career development of professionals, especially in the health field.


In addition, based on my long and wide international teaching and research experience, I have expertise in education development and in the international and transnational contexts.


My academic and professional credentials include Professor (Public Health), Adjunct Professor (Health Psychology); PhD (Health Psychology) & DSc (Health Services Research); Licensed Psychologist (Finland).

CV and publication list available on request.

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Leena Ikonen

My contribution to EduRes Consulting is principally in adult pedagogics. My expertise is on developing teachers’ competences, training programs and curricula. Further areas are career capacity development and career change process in the context of vocational adult education.


I have wide experience in small-group teaching methods and Train-the-Trainers -approach. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked in education-related positions in vocational education and higher education both in Finland and abroad.


I come to the company with my experience from my international career as pedagogical expert, trainer and the head of training. I am PhD candidate in adult education and qualified teacher.

CV and publication list available on request.

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Leena Ikonen EduRes Consulting