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Welcome to the interesting world of education and research export!

EduRes is a new company, founded in the end of August 2019. However, we as EduRes founders, are not new to the field. We have a long, international experience from different educational and research institutions. EduRes builds on our lifelong experience; it combines the best available evidence of high-quality education and the cultural knowhow on adult pedagogics, quality assurance of educational and research programs, and integrity of research. We believe in co-creation, combining areas of expertise, listening to the customers, finding solutions and building skills relevant and feasible to the context and the future of our customers’ professional development.

There are many actors in this field; we want to contribute to the field with our specific knowledge, knowhow and experience. We are open for collaboration with actors sharing our vision and mission. With this blog we aim to add to the discussion and debate on how to best enhance high quality education, empower and support teachers in their careers and deliver teaching, which makes a real difference in learning.

We are Finns – and proud of the Finnish educational system. However, we are also Finns, who have worked and lived long periods abroad.

Each context has taught us a lot; this helps us to tailor our training to the customers’ context.

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