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How do we work?

We work as trainers, experts, partners, and consultants, independently and as a subcontractor.

We offer tailored courses and workshops both online and on site; we consult and advice, work in projects, teams, and networks; we carry out e.g. curriculum reviews and whole program evaluations.

Train the trainers courses EduRes Consulting

Train-the-Trainer courses

We train professionals, who as trainers aim at further training their colleagues, students, and/or develop their institutions in the active learning area.


The methodological aspects (and courses) of our Train-the-Trainer programs fit any professional field or learning topic and we can provide them as adult pedagogical courses. Further, we can deliver courses on a variety of topics by applying pedagogical principles and tools of the Train-the-Trainer approach.

We can tailor courses to fit your needs and resources; we use blended learning consisting of individual study and exercises, online and onsite teaching and group work plus assignments.

Both short courses (2 hours - 1 week) and longer-term development programs (1 month - 6 months) are possible.

Examples of course topics using Train-the-Trainer approach

Pedagogical courses: Active learning methods; Dialogue in teaching; Learner-centered teaching and learning; Experiential learning.

Health-related courses: Preventing lifestyle diseases: from theory to practice; Evidence-informed health policy development; Research integrity; Health-in-All-Policies and Health Promotion.

Working on Computer

Program evaluation

We offer customized program evaluation based on established frameworks and evaluation tools. Our evaluation products range from rapid evaluations to comprehensive evaluation packages.

Rapid evaluations include e.g. curriculum review, interviews, observation, commenting on programs and project plans.

Comprehensive quality improvement packages for competence development/capacity building include contextual needs assessment, development plans and interventions such as training and evaluation of the whole program, but also follow-up and mentoring to enhance sustainability of the learned competences.

For the programs and projects, we can offer process, output and outcome evaluation and we can do them as independent, external evaluation but also as participatory, action research type of evaluation.

Recognition and current activities

This year we invest in developing our services.

Further, we do consultancy in the areas of evaluation methods development,

e-pedagogics, AI, and research integrity.

Our partners come from Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


EduRes Consulting Ltd is an official member of Education Finland. (

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